got a new shirt!Clothe breaks.


Hello. I am Kuudy, who chose own path as being tailor.

Do you care about your clothes?
Those might have small tears. I can sew it.

Can you bear your nice clothes going to be rags ? ;)

And, if you left tears without mending long time, alas you will lose your clothe forever. Detail here.

Mending clothes.

When you want to mend your clothes, you have 2 ways.

One is visiting Striss standing in tailor shop (inside dye shop).
He can check and mend.

The other way is visiting exile who has training with Sartorio.
Higher Sartorio ranks == cheaper costs and can sew larger tears.

I cost to mend about 1/4 of Striss now.


I won't ask you anything beside actual costs, because I think I am still apprentice, but *cough* tip is always welcome :)

If you want me to mend, come to see me. I have to check it.
If it costs under 100c, I usually have enough thread for it. Just /sell 0 kuudy your clothes. I will /sell <amount> you back.
But if it costs too much like Chicot, I need to buy thread first. Please give me enough coin to buy.

Someday I will be with 1000 thread everytime :)

Where am I found?

Finally, I bought a Sunstone! I had to have several departs :)

I usually hunt in Hive, Farms, Fields. When I got request of mending there I can go back to town.

But sometimes I go hunt to passes etc. with friends, then I can't go back to town, maybe I ask friend to thinkto you I cannot go town.

And, when I'm troilusing in safe area I cannot go to town. (ooc, often am away from keyboard when troilusing.)