If you won`t mend your clothes....


When tailor examine clothes, tailor get message how bad tear is and how meny threads need to mend it.

There is a few message I saw.

  • <name>`s shirt doesn't need any repairs.
  • <name>`s shirt isn't too badly worn yet.
  • <name>`s shirt is starting to look a little worn.
  • <name>`s shirt could use some repair.
  • <name>`s shirt has a few rips and holes.
  • <name>`s shirt is barely holding together.

If you keep not mending, after the `barely holdiong together` message, you will lost your cloth from your backpack, forever.

There are few people broke their clothes.

And not all tailors can mend badly tear ;)

Do use Striss to examine, if he said `not too badly worn yet` you dont have to mend at all.
But he said another message, hire tailor (or Striss). I think who can examine badly tear must can mend cheaper cost than Striss.

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